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Old vintage costume jewelry from the past.

We've been selling online since 2005! With old vintage costume jewelry from the past, one finds character, history, and love for the art.

Our vintage jewelry is worn at Epcot Center by displays and roving costumed employees

Buying vintage jewelry is a wonderful way to go "green"… it's called re-cycling. But not only are you recycling an old piece of jewelry, you're making a current fashion statement as more and more people are appreciating yesterday's jewels!

And… vintage jewelry keeps appreciating in value over time.

Costume jewelry has been glamorizing women since biblical times. Many designers hand-crafted their art and collecting artistic jewelry from a time gone by is preserving that appreciation. Crafted with many ornate designs, jewelry dresses even the plainest wardrobe into one of versatile glitz.

We add pieces of "orphaned vintage jewelry" on a regular basis. So, keep checking back, you never know what you'll find!

Search by designer or by design or material or style. Just put in a keyword and watch what comes up. Some pieces are signed and others are not signed, but either way, the depth and detailing of vintage costume jewelry keeps appreciating in value and will be treasured for many more years to come.