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What Jewelry is Right For the Occasion?

In the time when vintage jewelry was not yet vintage, women wore certain pieces of jewelry for certain occasions. For instance, although Christmas called for red and/or green, women would choose clear crystal or sparkly rhinestones. Holiday parties always called for dress-up. Likewise for any dressy event, rhinestones were the norm.

Jewelry has always been a piece of ‘adornment’. History indicates even cave women wore a string of bones around their necks!

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Do You Remember This Designer Catalog?

Throughout the 1970’s, home jewerly ‘parties’ were all the rage. Host a party of friends, neighbors, and relatives and receive gifts. They were called Hostess Gifts and were exclusive to those who had a party in their home.

Jewelry was passed around, refreshments were served and everyone had an opportunity to purchase from the little paper catalog which changed frequently when new designs were introduced. It was a fun time.

This jewelry is now collectible. It’s Sarah Coventry.

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Trifari is one of the most popular costume jewelry designers in the United States today and vintage 


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Weiss Jewelry was founded by native New Yorker, Albert Weiss in 1942 and was originally 


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